The Dermatologist's Choice

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We have asked Julia, a dermatologist, to try our skin care products and choose her 4 favourites! Right now, you're able to buy these products with 24% discount!

Here are Julia's favourite products, and why:

  1. Infused Cleansing Oil - A fantastic product for those like me who love a lot of makeup; it effortlessly removes mascara, lipstick, and foundation. I use it as a pre-cleanse step in my skincare routine. I appreciate how long-lasting it is; a little goes a long way.
  2. Moisture Magnet Toner - What an incredible toner, whether used as an essence or with a cotton pad. It truly prepares the skin with moisture for the next step in your skincare routine. I wish there were a day cream with a similar gel-like texture, as I'm a big fan of this consistency.
  3. Peekaboo Eye Cream - I keep mine in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation. If you're into an instant glow, this is perfect. It leaves the skin feeling firm, and the eye area looks more awake thanks to its light-reflecting effect. I can't get enough of it!
  4. Blue Tansy Oil - I find that it absorbs quickly into the skin, making it perfect for both morning and evening use. I love the scent; it's almost like getting a bit of aromatherapy as a bonus. I appreciate its anti-inflammatory properties. It truly provides a deep hydration sensation.

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