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Are there products you should use during the day vs. evening?
Acid products, ex. Overnight Skin Elixir and Triple Acid Peel Mask, should be used in the evening to avoid direct UV exposure.

The other products in our skin care range can be used both day and evening, but of course depends mainly on your own preferences. Ex. Water-in-oil face cream is a very rich cream and people with oily skin probably prefer a less oily cream than this during the day.

Which serum is best for sensitive skin?
Both serums should be suitable for sensitive skin as they contain both allantoin and biosaccharide gum-1 which work soothingly and also have a skin-friendly pH.

But if you know you have sensitive (reactive) skin, it is always good to test new products in a small and hidden area before you start using the product for real. A common way is to test on a small area on the arm. If no reaction has occurred within 24 hours, you should feel safe (this applies to products that are supposed to stay on the skin, a rinse off product must always be rinsed off so it is not really possible to test in this way). Always make sure to rinse off properly as you otherwise can get clogged pores. This goes for all cleansers that are made to be rinsed off, no matter what brand you use!

Are there ingredients / products I shouldn't mix?
Triple Acid Peel Mask and Overnight Skin Perfecting Elixir should not be used at the same time.

How often should I use the Triple Acid Peel Mask?
1-2 times / week. With this high precentage of active ingredients, our recommendation is to use these products no more than maximum 2-3 times per week.

What ingredients is it common for the skin to react to and why?
The skin can react to many things and this in turn can depend on the season, stress, skin care routine, skin type, perfume etc.

It is common for the skin to react to acids for example, but it is also a question of both content and pH. Higher active content and lower pH can give a tingling effect and / or redness on the skin but usually disappear shortly after use.

Fragrances / perfumes and preservatives are other ingredients that can cause reactions and unlike acids, it is not their functionality to be "active".

Can I remove eye makeup with any of the facial cleansers?
You can remove eye makeup with both cleansers, but it could be a bit more tricky on waterproof mascara. Depending on whether you have a little heavier make-up, you may need to double cleanse when using the cleaning oil.

What's the difference between the two face oils?
Blue Tansy Oil has a natural scent and color of the flower blue tansy. It contains a complex composition of skin care oils, e.g. Squalane. It also contains several soothing ingredients.
Gentle Avocado Oil is odorless and contains only 4 ingredients. It is also 99% organic. Contains ginger extract that gives radiance and evens out skin tone.

What's the difference between the effect that squalane and snow mushroom gives?
For starters, squalane is oil soluble while Snow Mushroom is water soluble. 
Snow Mushroom is similar to hyaluronic acid in it's way to draw huge amounts of water to itself and in that way keep the skin hydrated.
Snow Mushroom has high molecular weight and therefore settles on the surface of the skin and forms a thin film, resulting in that the skin does not give off its own moisture and acts as a source of moisture that adds moisture to the skin over time.

Squalane is a stable variant of the skin oil Squalene. It's found in our natural sebum and is therefore an effective oil to use to rebuild and strengthen the skin's protective lipid film which helps to prevent water from evaporating from the skin.