The difference between our self-tanners

The self-tanning jungle is big and tricky, especially for the newbie! We have 10 different self-tanning products, and we wanted to make it easier for you to understand the difference between them! ⭐️

- White formula, no color guard
- Gives no results immediately upon application, the color starts to appear after 3 hours and continues to develop for another 12 hours
- Good option for the one who self-tan more often
- Perfume-free
- Tinted formula
- Visible result immediately
- The colourguard is washed off after 12 hours, then the final result is visible
- Perfumed
- Good alternative for the newbie as you can see where you apply the product

Then we come to the next question mark. Which type of self-tanning product is best for me? Of course we will clarify that too!
Spray - Gives the deepest result. Easy to apply and a good option for those who want a product that is not sticky and dries very quickly on the skin. Spray product on the mitt and apply to skin in circular motions. Avoid spraying the product directly on the body as it may stick to dry areas.
Mousse - Gives a deep tan and dries into the skin relatively quickly. However, we recommend that you sleep in pajamas or on a towel if you apply the product in the evening as it may transfer. Applied with an application mitt or a brush. For an even deeper results, apply with plastic gloves!
Lotion - The perfect choice for dry skin! Our lotion is best applied with your hands and not with an application mitt or brush. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!