How to get a long-lasting, even tan!

A great way to get sun-kissed without damaging your skin in the sun is to use Self-Tanners! But, which self-tanner suits what skin type, and how do you make it last longer? We got all the tips and tricks you need when using our self-tanning products.

Start with a good exfoliation! 

Our Self-Tanners stick to dead skin cells, which is why you shouldn't exfoliate 24 hours prior to applying the self-tanner. 
But, you still want an even base to apply the products on! 
So, 24 hours before applying the self-tanner, exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator. 

Intense Nutrition Sugar Scrub removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal while deeply moisturising the skin. The sugar grains together with nutritious oils makes the scrub suitable for dry skin as well. Thanks to Linnea flower, the scrub is also calming and leaves the skin hydrated and smooth.

 24 hours later, it's time to self-tan!
Start with moisturising your dry parts, such as elbows and knees. 
We got several different moisturisers that works perfectly for this!
You can find them here.

Choose your favourite self-tanner and get started!
We got different self-tanners for different needs and results. 
Read more about the difference between Original and Instant here. 

After you're done, let the product dry and avoid wetting your skin during the next three hours. 
For best result, apply your self-tanner an hour before going to bed, and rinse it off in the morning. Since the product sticks to dead skin cells, the tan might transfer to your sheets. So, sleep on a towel or in a dark pyjamas!

To make your tan last even longer - Moisturise your body once a day after rinsing it off!