The difference between Dry and Damaged hair

It is not always easy to know if you have dry or damaged hair, and therefore also not to know if you need to strengthen your hair with protein or moisturize your hair.
Incorrect hair care means that you will not achieve the desired result you are looking for, therefore we will try to make it easier for you!

The most common "symptoms" of damaged hair are that it often tangles, the hair has less shine, it's brittle and dry, it gets electric easily and you have split ends.

Hair can be damaged for many reasons, but the most common reason is coloring, and even worse, bleaching.
Your hair gets its color from the pigment melanin, which is found inside your hair shaft. The hair is in turn protected by a layer called the cuticle. When you bleach your hair, the outermost layer is opened up to change the melanin and damage the natural protective oils in the hair.
Hair that has been bleached many times and is extremely worn has a harder time resealing the outermost layer, which hair that is not as damaged otherwise does. This causes the moisture from the inner parts of the hair to disappear and the hair becomes dry, damaged and breaks off.

To restore the hair completely when it is seriously damaged is basically impossible, therefore it is important to periodically cut the worn and split ends and let the new hair grow out. But you can of course help the hair on the stack to rebuild with the help of a protein-rich shampoo and conditioner! A damaged hair needs a lot of care.

Our Repair series helps to strengthen and repair your hair with the help of algae extract and shea butter, while restoring the hair's natural vitality with long-term protection.

Dry hair on the other hand, is not in need of more protein.
Some things that can cause your hair to get dry is if you wash it too often, using harsh hair care products, using heating tools or living in a dry, hot climate. 

Dry hair often comes with a dry scalp, so it's important to keep them both moisturised and healthy! We got some different series for a dry hair, depending on what you prefer and how dry your hair is.
You can also mix and match between different series to create the perfect routine for your hair!

Let's start with the lightest moisturiser, Everyday.

Everyday is a mild and gentle series that effectively cleans your hair without drying out hair and scalp. Contains oils and soothing Aloe Vera that hydrates your hair without making it feel greasy and heavy.

For the ones in need of a little bit heavier moisturiser, Colour Protecting is your choice! 
Don't let yourself get fooled by the name, this series works just as good on coloured hair as on a natural, non-coloured hair.
Except its colour preserving properties, Colour Protecting is enriched with avocado oil and bamboo extract that repairs, protects and softens the hair. The series has a rich formula resulting in a shiny and healthy hair, without weighing it down. 

Last but not least, our Moisture BOMB!
The Moisture series is enriched with beneficial shea butter and coconut oil for a deep moisturising effect. This series has a very deep formula, so it's nothing for a hair that easily gets greasy. Moisture is perfect for a thick and curly hair and might be to heavy for a thin hair.